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I love watching a chick strip down and I notice a tuft of hair sticking out of the side or top of her panties. It drives me wild wondering what her bush is going to look like and it’s even hotter when she has hairy pits as well. It makes me think of her being my dirty little cave woman and I think of ravaging her like the savage I truly am.

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I started out watching porn by sneaking into my dads video collection. Like a lot of guys out there, I had a curiosity about women, Nd I took what I could get where I could get it.  So when I got older and started reaching for more mainstream content of today, I was shocked to see so many women had shaved off their bushes that I had come to love.

For me, a ladies pubic mound was the object of my fascination. Sure I loved tits and ass, but they weren’t so much of a mystery. I can see the outline of a gal’s boobs or buttocks through their clothes. But once I was introduced to the pussy, I felt like it all was turned on its head. So it was quite shocking to see so many ladies altering it. Luckily I discovered live hairy pussy cams and found a plethora of babes who embrace their bodies the way they are naturally.

Take the sweet and sexy pinkandy for example. This young woman celebrates sex and her sexuality in all forms, and I could watch her make that fuzzy cunt cum all day long!

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I’m one of those guys absolutely besotted with efficiencies.

As example; I can’t switch on the kettle and wait for it to boil. I can’t even get the cups ready and get the milk and then switch the kettle on, in that order because it means I could have let the kettle boil some while getting the rest ready.

Perhaps there are some of you who do that too, perhaps many of you and that where hairy pussies have tremendous benefit since, you were going to eat it at any opportunity in any case, so you may as well floss your teeth at the same time right?

Yeah, I’m being very sarcastic. Deadly serious about the efficiencies but not at all about the hairy pussies. In fact, I will not go down on a girl with a hairy twat. At the same time I prefer something nicely groomed on top, but the twat needs to be clean.

I get that hairy guavas is a fetish though and what appeals to one might not to another and as such, if you’re a fan you might enjoy some hairy pussy chat with salemhex.