No Need For Dental Floss Anymore

If this is your girlfriend and you’re going down on here then you probably don’t need to use dental floss anymore. Yeah, no thanks.

She’s obviously not been on the beach in a while either. My gawd the picture in my head. I can honestly not fathom the attraction to this, I find it quite disturbing. But perhaps I shouldn’t be too judgemental as some might feel the same about things I find kinky although I don’t expect a similar reaction by anyone to rope-work porn.

This girl reminds me of how the girls looked in the German porn movies we watched as teenagers. Just a lot better quality of course since watched that crap on video cassettes till and they were not only worn from watching but also from being copied over. I’m really giving my age away now aren’t I.

Anyways, yearly subscribers get a 50% off discount to Naughty Natural, so if you’re a fan of this then that should be pretty good news for you.